Women in QST: Francesca Ferlaino

Join us for the Women in QST lunch with Prof. Francesca Ferlaino.

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Lieven Vandersypen: Simulating quantum magnetism with quantum dot Arrays

Lieven Vandersypen - Professor at the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands.

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MCQST Workshop on Topological Quantum Matter

Bringing together leading scientists working on topological phases in condensed matter systems.

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IAMP – EMS Summer School

Summer School in Mathematical Physics - Quantum information in many-body physics: a mathematical invitation

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Science News

On the way to quantum networks

Physicists at LMU, together with colleagues at Saarland University, have successfully demonstrated the transport of an entangled state between an atom and a photon via an optic fiber over a distance of up to 20 km – thus setting a new record.

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Divorce in a one-dimensional world

Scientists at MPQ have experimentally confirmed a fifty year old prediction about the (in)separability of an electron's spin and electric charge using a specialised quantum simulator.

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The quantum internet is within reach

An international team headed by physicists from TUM has experimentally implemented secure quantum communication in the microwave band in a local quantum network.

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Modelling the molecular architecture

New approach for the simulation of quantum chemistry - a global team of scientists developed the first blueprint for precisely calculating the molecular chemistry using an analogue quantum simulator.

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About us

The Cluster of Excellence Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology (MCQST) comprises more than 50 research groups from disciplines like physics, mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, material science and chemistry, covering all areas of quantum science and technology from basic research to applications.

The core goal of the MCQST is to discover and understand the novel and unifying concepts in the interdisciplinary research fields of Quantum Science and Technology (QST). The cluster aims to make QST tangible and practical and to develop the extraordinary applications within reach by building next-generation quantum devices.

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