Munich Conference on QST 2019

The first Munich Conference on Quantum Science and Technology, organized by the MCQST Cluster of Excellence, provided an exceptional platform for engaging scientific talks and exchange of interdisciplinary ideas. The event, which took place on 8/9 July 2019, was hosted at the Center for New Technologies (ZNT) in Deutsches Museum. For two full days, the ZNT was transformed into a hub for networking and for scientific exchange between academia and industry representatives. The 21 invited speakers offered an insight into their recent research and future directives within Quantum Science and Technology (QST).

The highlights of the program included the mixture of local and international speakers, poster presentations, and a stimulating panel discussion with industry representatives about the current challenges in QST. On Tuesday, Tomas Brage, professor at Lund University, shined new perspectives on the challenges of gender and diversity in physics.

During the two poster sessions, over 55 locals scientists presented their current research projects. As part of the conference, MCQST awarded three of the best posters presented. The awardees are:

  • 1st place - Martina Gschwendtner | Poster title “Quantum error-detection at low energies
  • 2nd place - Joannis Koepsell | Poster title “Magnetic polarons and dynamical spin-charge sepration under the microscope
  • 3rd place - Florian Sigger | Poster title “Hybridized indirect excitons in MoS2/WS2 heterobilayers

The event was a good opportunity for MCQST to hand out a logo award to Leo Stenzel, whose design inspired the current MCQST logo. His design illustrates entanglement, the unique principle that lies at the core of Quantum Physics.

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We thank all guests and participants who attended and helped contribute to the success of the first MCQST Conference!

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Quantum Science Slam

The Quantum Science Slam marked another big conference highlight. The event was co-organized and hosted by Microsoft Germany. The Atrium in Munich provided the perfect location for the four scientists, who transformed the space into their own stage, winning the audience over with their presentation skills. Ivana, Markus, Frauke, and Nico successfully managed to present complex scientific topics in an entertaining and informative way. As is the case with all science slams, the audience determines the winner. The prize – a precious nano-diamond – was awarded to Markus Hasenöhrl.

You can watch the presentations on the MCQST YouTube channel.

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